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Invest in the USA

Invest in the American real estate market today:

An opportunity to financially make your mark

Among the sectors of activity currently making its mark in the U.S., the real estate market is, without a doubt, booming. Financial opportunities in this sector are vast. The property market has not been so favourable since 1947. The Euro and, especially, the Swiss Franc are still strong compared to the Dollar, but for how long… The U.S. has already begun its economic upturn. The purpose of this article is to present the advantages of investing, through us, in the U.S. and particularly, in Florida.


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Florida is an exceptional state with its industrial development, new technologies and research and information. It is 15 million inhabitants, enjoying a major recreational and American tourism hotspot.
A dominant position in terms of technology:
In Florida, there are 270 000 highly specialised workers employed in 17 000 activities.
In the U.S., Florida has emerged as:

  • The 4th State for high technology employees.
  • The 4th State for High Tech companies.
  • The 3rd largest exporter of high technology services and products.

Florida is reinforcing its already impressive position in areas linked to computer technology, aeronautics, aerospace, biological sciences, and the security and the defence of financial services (real estate in particular).


Florida embodies America’s strategic and economic core. Its geographical position, its political and economic stability has established it as the principal commercial region on the planet. South Florida is particularly rich in its inhabitants of diverse origins, thus, favouring trade across the country.


Florida possesses the most qualified American entrepreneurs and constitutes the second entrepreneurial centre of the nation. The State of Florida has become a leading hotbed for small businesses.
These « new-economy » businesses are recording the highest growth rates.
Cooperation between the world of academic research and the professional world is resulting in major successes for the development and marketing of scientific and technological prowess.
Florida is connected to the world on multiple levels. The exceptional nature of the multimodal transport network provokes admiration. Located beyond the Kennedy space centre, the transport network includes international airports, a railway system and a perfectly linked and organised highway infrastructure.
Florida is the crossroads between the two Americas, Europe and Africa. It is an extremely efficient hub, equipped to conform to the highest technological standards.


Florida is enjoying a flourishing economy even as other States are experiencing difficulties. Here are some elements which enable us to measure Florida’s economic strength:

  • If Florida was a country, it would rank 15th as a world economic power.
  • Florida is the 8th economic power in the West.
  • In addition to the national wealth it generates, Florida constitutes a commercial platform throughout the Americas.

Nevertheless, certain neighbourhoods in Orlando and Miami are experiencing a slump in the real estate boom that had produced close to 50 high rises in construction and a profusion of available housing.
In the course of the last year, sales in Miami-Dade County have dropped almost 40%. The real estate crisis has had a strong impact on the market. Property owners are encountering difficulty reimbursing their loans.
Solvency problems are also affecting banks, which have tightened loan conditions for Americans (but much less for foreigners).
Currently, the price per square metre in the U.S. is the result of a decrease that happened 167 months previously. With the violent increase in floating rates on mortgage loans, American households are rapidly becoming over-indebted.
With the Euro so strong against the Dollar, Europeans have numerous opportunities to profit from the state of the market, as opposed to Americans whose financial health is at its worst. Indeed, it is not rare to see properties sacrificed at half their actual value.
European investors will want to rapidly take advantage of the opportunities arising from the crisis, as prices will inevitably increase, sooner or later Americans are often put off by exorbitant mortgage rates and are unfortunately, bearing the brunt of the consequences of the real estate crisis. They are the real losers in this situation, as they are forced to hastily get rid of their luxury or premium properties to avoid financial failure.
The decrease of the Euro will be inevitable in the coming years. Investors benefits will, at that time, have reached its peak.
In our opinion, there couldn’t be a better time to invest in Florida.
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In view of the current state of the American market and our multiple sources of knowledge, we have developed different strategies designed to increase yields and generate significant capital gains, thus obtaining an 8 to 25% gain on invested capital.
First, we find the property (property under market price or not yet on the market), using the services of a business finder. Next, we estimate the price, the location, the potential yield, the state of the property and any other quality necessary to the estimation.
Then, we renovate. Our method of renovation is an interesting one, as it is done by teams under our guidance.
Our company is a LLC entity. Consequently we take everything under our wings. The investor becomes neither owner, nor tenant. Simplicity itself!


Our association and collaboration would be based on trust. We are experienced and know the market, thus in this sense, those deciding to work with us runno risks.


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