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L’s Group Immo, our offer

par LS Group Immo on 8 janvier 2017
L’s Group Immo, our offer

A service-oriented offer

Whether we like it or not, whether it is perceived as a good thing or not, the widespread use of information technology in the real estate business and in the private homes has strongly changed the shape of the customer-broker relationship.

It is almost impossible today for a real estate agency to prosper without an appropriate use of the most advanced information technologies now available.  At L’s Group Immo, we use these technologies to showcase and promote the real estate property of their customers until the property is sold.
We make sure that your property is seen by the largest number of people. To reach them, we display your property on our website. Of course, almost every agency have their own website, and the originality of our strategy doesn’t lie in here.  At L’s Group Immo, we grab and channel the attention of potential home buyers towards our website utilizing mass mailing, direct mail, flyers, promotional brochures as well with the diffusion of our ads through known advertising platforms (Acheter-Louer, Homegate, ImmoScout24, ImmoStreet, etc.).
Text and images are chosen and arranged according to the marketing rules. We offer high quality and professional photos. The description of the real estate properties is clear and concise, concentrate on the fundamental without being seen as boring.
At the same time, our agents study each object they are entrusted with and consider its condition, the economic context of the market, etc. If necessary, solutions are presented to the owner to ensure the property is most properly positioned to be sold in the best conditions.
The triangle strategy concept is fully used and each peak of the triangle is taken into account « Flyers – eMarketing – Events ». Our strategy director will be happy to describe you how it works.
At L’s Group Immo, we sincerely commit ourselves to serve and accompany each of our customers, whether they are selling or buying, throughout the whole process until the completion of the transaction.
It is with great pleasure that we will meet you to define the sales strategy for your real estate property.

L’s Group Immo, our offer

Real estate photography

The photographs are taken by a professional photographer. Our goal is to highlight all the positive aspects of your property and to generate a favorable impression on the potential buyer’s side.

3D rendering and visualization services

Extremely convenient, the 3D visualizations show real estate objects that have not yet been built. Any potential buyer needs to be able to form the most accurate representation possible of their future home. A set of 3D views properly executed will enable them to  shape this imaginary reality much more efficiently than with just floor plans.

Creation of 3D virtual home tours

It is possible to strengthen the sense of a reality that doesn’t yet exist and simulates the visit of a future real estate object using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Real estate description – Custom writing service

Our goal is not only to establish a clear and concise material description of your property, but also to highlight all the positive aspects in order to generate a favorable impression on the potential buyer’s side, just as we do with the photographs. We also can write such documents for your own real estate projects according to your needs.

Creation of promotional brochures

A well-conceived descriptive brochure, printed on paper, still remains a valuable tool. We are not permanently connected to the web, we don’t need to have our computer within reach all the time. The printed document possesses a definite communicative quality that can be intelligently used with a great number of potential buyers. We also can realize such document for your projects tailored to your specific needs.

Translation services

Switzerland welcomes many foreigners every year. A significant number settles in the country for several years and plans to become homeowners, an honorable way to invest one’s personal wealth. For this reason, we offer a translation service currently in English, Chinese, German and Italian. Publishing our ads in several languages will naturally increase the visibility of your property and consequently the chances of selling it rapidly and at the most advantageous terms.

Advertising with L’s Group Immo

Our website is a key focal point in our commercial approach. Your property is presented in the most attractive and most comprehensive manner possible. The website visitor can read our articles whose function is to bring a certain  level of knowledge and to increase a favourable attitude towards L’s Group Immo.

Advertising through the real estate portals

The largest Swiss advertisers make it simple for thousands of potential buyers to find your property. They send us a request per email, call us directly or visit our website to get more information… Our ads are seen in Switzerland and in 66 other countries.

Distribution of promotional brochures

They are available in our agency and on our website ready to be printed.

Flyer distribution

No advertising method is left out to make known that a property is for sale. A flyer, even left on a restaurant table or on a seat in the tram can lead to a sale. At L’s Group Immo, we utilize absolutely all promotional tools available on the market. In this way, the sale of your property doesn’t depend on luck, but is the logical outcome of a carefully planned commercial strategy.

Mass email

L’s Group Immo has a large contact database that is used to promote your property through email, informing our contacts that a property is for sale and directing them towards our website.

Direct mail

From our contact database we send personalized message to target customers based on the type of real estate object to be sold, using the postal service.

Property evaluation and market analysis

It is sometimes necessary to do some research to know if the price of your property corresponds to the market price. L’s Group Immo has solved numerous times the difficulties of owners that could not find any buyer for their property, and helped to reestablish the correct price.

Home staging

A furnished home makes the visitors feel much more comfortable than a completely empty home. At L’s Group Immo, we recommend to our customers home staging services where necessary. Delivered by a professional, these services enhance the value of the property. With an appropriate decoration, a neutral and welcoming atmosphere is created that will be favourable to the sale.

Virtual staging to “dress” the empty rooms

Via the photographs of your home it’s possible to decorate and furnish the property virtually and create a neutral and welcoming atmosphere that will be favourable to the sale. In this case it’s a work entirely done by computer.

Contacting potential buyers

Our agents are not only real estate experts, they are also professionally trained in human relations and communication. At L’s Group Immo, we place a great importance on listening and understanding our customers . This approach has enabled us to build an important network of stable relationships that we utilize to make your property known in contacting people that have placed their confidence in us.

Assistance with administrative process and steps

There is a set of administrative steps that must be carried out when a property is sold or bought. Lack of organization may cause significant loss of time and create considerable stress. At L’s Group Immo, we know the exact and entire sequence of the administrative steps to be executed at the bank, with the notary, etc… We are happy to assist you in this area and to take care of some organisational aspects on your request.



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