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Use of electromagnetic and gravitational energy

par LS Group Immo on 11 avril 2018
Use of electromagnetic and gravitational energy


The device invented by Mr. Wilhelm Mohorn in 1985 and patented in 1994 dries wet walls « victims » of capillary rise. This technology works uniformly successfully in more than 47’000 European buildings.

The functioning of this system is based on natural laws which, if they have been little explored until now, are none the less real.

Gravomagnetic waves

The inventor mentions the existence of “gravomagnetic” waves which he defines as follows in his book The technological revolution in the treatment of capillary rise — original title Angriffsziel Altbauten – Zerstörung durch Erdfeuchte. Wie rette ich mein Gebäude? :

I coined this term in 1991 when I discovered that the wave structure I had investigated consisted of two essential components: a magnetic wave and a gravitational wave. The magnetic wave rotates around the propagation axis…

A gravitational wave rotates also around the axis; this is new in physical science. The entire energy structure is borne by a carrier wave, which is a type of space energy.

Compare this with an electromagnetic wave: the magnetic wave components are similar to those of the gravomagnetic model. The gravitational wave is substituted by an electric wave. These are known features of the structure of an electromagnetic wave. What is new is the concept of a carrier such as that in the case of a gravomagnetic wave.

Gravomagnetic waves are present in the nature…

Space energy

M. Wilhelm Mohorn writes the following about the space energy:

The Vedas mention the existence of a cosmic energy that fills the entire universe. It is named the primary energy of the universe and is a part of all other forms of physical energy to a greater or lesser degree. It is omnipresent and is named space energy because it pervades all space.

It penetrates matter effortlessly, has a high frequency, is definitely faster than light, and obviously interacts with various forms of matter such as a planet, machines, or devices. It is thus converted into other forms of energy and is manifested in them. This energy seems to be inexhaustible – a fact which clearly distinguishes it from all forms of energy known thus far.

This is especially true as regards the law of conservation of energy, according to which one form of energy is converted into another only when the original form has entirely disappeared.

It would appear that space energy is never reduced and certainly does not disappear even after several billions of years. The earth continues to revolve. The sun and all other heavenly bodies continue their motion. This could hardly be achieved in the absence of a permanent «supply of energy».

This energy is available 24 hours a day and appears to possess a gigantic potential. The physicist’s problem is that this energy cannot be directly measured. In fact, we believe it will never be possible to measure it directly; only its manifestations can be measured…

In the previously mentioned electromagnetic and gravomagnetic waves, this energy “appears” or acts as a carrier wave. The energy that we call today space energy was called “tachyon energy” by Nikola Tesla, one of the most influent inventors and physicists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Observation of a reality

If these explanations seem simplistic, insufficient or unfounded, you should know that Mr. Wilhelm Mohorn presents in his book a practical solution intended primarily for people who have walls “victims” of capillary rise. The end user observes directly the Aquapol device and checks that it is indeed perfectly operational, that is what matters most to him.

Rare are those who study the Carnot cycle in thermodynamic before they decide to drive a car equipped with an internal combustion engine, aren’t they? These cars drive and the drivers know that they run because they observe that they drive!

The theory

For the more demanding people, we refer you to the French physicist Mr. René-Louis Vallée, engineer who graduated from the Higher Technical College of Electrical Engineering (École Supérieure d’Électricité) and headed the Department of electronic measurements at the Saclay Nuclear Research Center of the French Atomic Energy Commission CEA from 1955 to 1976. He is the author of a remarkable work, The material and gravitational electromagnetic energy, original title L’énergie électromagnétique matérielle et gravitationnelle, where he states:

The most important discovery is certainly that of mediums made up of diffuse electromagnetic energy with the high concentration that is responsible for the inertias and gravitational accelerations; that discovery is the one which opens the way to a new research.

We think, however, that the studying of these phenomena in connection with the intimate matter structure and the physics in general, as with Astronomy and Cosmology, cannot any more neglect the existence of the diffuse electromagnetic mediums which seem to constitute the screen of our Universe; that is obliging us, in certain fields, to a substantial revision of our scientific designs.

With his reasoning, Mr. René-Louis Vallée leads to three particular and new results showing that the gravitational and electromagnetic energies are inseparable:

The energy equivalent to the mass confounds with the potential energy of gravitation Vg :

Any transverse electromagnetic wave is accompanied by a gravitational field whose expression is:

For small variations, the potential energy of gravitation Vg obeys the propagation equation :

Vg potential energy of gravitation
c light speed
ε dielectric permittivity of the considered location
μ0 magnetic permeability of vacuum
γ gravitational field
ρ energy density
t time
E electric field
H magnetic field
k gravitational constant
ρm matter energy density at the considered location


M. Wilhelm Mohorn, with the invention of the Aquapol dehumidifier, confirms the existence of diffuse electromagnetic mediums and the electromagnetic nature of gravitational fields predicted by Mr. René-Louis Vallée.

Mr. Wilhelm Mohorn’s space energy corresponds to the energy contained in the diffuse electromagnetic mediums according to the discoveries of Mr. René-Louis Vallée.

The electromagnetic nature of the Earth’s gravity field causes the latter, under certain conditions, to spread in space in the form of a composite wave such as the «gravomagnetic» wave.

There is still much to discover on this new topic, very promising and rich in technological perspectives. Although it is not yet fully codified, there is no reason to reject it, nor to deprive oneself of its practical applications.

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