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Are we facing a shortage of building land in the canton of Geneva?

par LS Group Immo on 17 mai 2018
Are we facing a shortage of building land in the canton of Geneva?

“I want to buy land at a reasonable price and have my house built. But I can’t… it’s impossible !”

Everyday I see many customers complaining they don’t find any solution.

Why do real estate developers choose to build small multifamily buildings rather than meeting the demand of customers who wish to buy an individual house or a nice semi-detached family home?

The first barrier is profitability. Experience shows that many times the building professionals found themselves in situations where the reality of the market literally destroyed their dreams to serve community.

A businessman whose sole goal is making money is not facing so many risks and is not able to manage the quantity of stress related to the building projects. It’s impossible! I work with them and I can assure you that they all have grand ideas without which they would have changed career long since. It’s too tough.

Now, who do we find at the end of this chain of gears? The customer. He is the one who wants to buy a land and a building project, his importance is vital! He wants to find a place to live and to get a real estate developer to work so that his dream comes true.

You probably think this issue has too many problems and too few solutions.
The first step to change the way things are, is to redefine the concept of service. What do customers want? A home that will contribute to the happiness of their family.

Can we ask the landowner to take into consideration the happiness of a family that will buy in the end the project built on one of these plots that have become so rare in the Lake Geneva region? Undoubtedly, most of the landowners that make their land available for the construction of all these houses and multifamily buildings wish also to contribute to the improvement of the living standards in their community.

They try to do what is best. How many times did I see landowners lowering the selling price to enable a family to buy the land and contribute to their stability, instead of accepting an offer financially more interesting? Several times! Indeed, I really experienced it.

Solutions do exist! You will find them in the hands of the people of good will who make things work on a daily basis to finally offer to their customers what they want most: a nice home for their family.
What role are we playing in this imbroglio? We put you in contact with each other. We revitalize each actor’s true goal in this scene called “the real estate market”.

We make disappear rumors and lies, and work together towards the realization of the homeowner’s, landowner’s, real estate developer’s and their customers’s dreams.

We help you to ensure that what seemed impossible to you yesterday becomes tomorrow’s reality.

Richard Lore, director
+41 79 200 49 99

L’s Group Immo, the power of our know-how at your service!


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