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Invest in logistics properties

par LS Group Immo on 18 juillet 2018
Invest in logistics properties

The Swiss market has undergone a development that intensifies over the years: more and more consumers do their shopping online through the internet network. That means that a growing number of physical stores are replaced by the computer screen. However, the merchandise is real, and instead of being brought to the retail shops before being sold, it’s directly delivered to the customer who placed the order.

This economic phenomenon leads to a major change in the methodology for distributing the marketable goods.  In the increasingly numerous and large warehouses we find offices where people works with much more complex logistics methods compared to the classic distribution scheme. The retail industry progressively moves from the shop to a logistics center to handle simultaneously huge quantities of online orders.

We could say we are simply looking at the spread of the classic mail order system. The tools are undoubtedly more modern, but the basic concept has been known for a long time.

It’s the spread of this distribution system that is relatively young. This phenomenon is growing widely and results in increased demand for logistics spaces, a fact that should not escape the well-informed investor’s attention. Financial institutions have understood what is as stake and do not wait to seize this opportunity to augment their capital.

We invite any investor to consider the possibility to acquire one or more logistics spaces as investment properties.

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