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L’s Group Immo, the power of our know-how at your service!

 You want to sell your property

Choosing a real estate broker is not easy considering the growing number of agencies and independent brokers, as well as the various existing networks. Not to mention the significant differences in the level of professionalism, in the quality of the services and their efficiency, and finally the variations of the prices.

 Why choose L’s Group Immo?

Proximity. Our brokers work in the area where your property is located. At L’s Group Immo each broker is responsible for a specific area and knows the market, the types of clients, the price trends and the competition.

We are efficient. What make us different? We offer top services and we provide you with unique added value: beautiful high quality photographs, 2D and 3D plans, home-staging, presence on Internet and in the various advertising media, and our availability to name a few.

We are professionals. We take into consideration your wishes and deploy our competencies to maximize your chances to sell in the best conditions. We strengthen the relationship between you and us by delivering services which guarantee fast results.

We are true to our ethics code. Our staff have a natural simplicity, they are amiable and cheerful. They take swift action, control perfectly each step of the selling process for all parties involved, are available to assist you and meet your expectations with competence. Being your ally, they listen to you and take care of yourself with equity.

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You want to buy a property

L’s Group Immo offers you multiple benefits.

We take responsibility for your home purchase plan:

  • knowing perfectly the real estate market,
  • getting fast transactions and market-aligned prices,
  • taking part in the commercial negotiations and having your best interests at heart,
  • actively following up the steps leading to the signature of the written commitments and notarial deeds.

We find the property that matches your search criteria, we advise you with the proposals submitted and take actively part in the negotiations.

Before you engage to buy a property, we advise you to do the following:

    • get acquainted with the market and visit similar real estate properties,
    • plan to visit the property you want to buy several times,
    • get in advance cost estimates for potential maintenance, repair or renovation works.

L’s Group Immo because you’re worth it!
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L’s Group Immo, the power of our know-how at your service